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4 min readJan 17, 2023


While Crowd Control Early Access games won’t be in a perfect or final state, we’re hoping that by introducing this release model, we’ll be able to deliver new game support to our users and community faster than ever.

Hello to my favorite community of epic gamers! On today’s blog post, we have a really cool announcement for all of you.

We’ve run a few community and streamer surveys and the main answer we get when we ask, “What would inspire you to use Crowd Control more?” is: MORE GAMES! As you may know, tackling that request is not that easy. We’re a very small team, with limited hands and resources, that is doing things to games that, well, you could say are not conventional. But, we know that that’s what makes Crowd Control the best interactive tool for streamers. Our interactivity, state-checking, and quality makes us stand out among other tools in the industry and we want to make sure we don’t sacrifice that. So, we got to thinking, and we’ve come up with a solution that both gets new game support to you faster, but doesn’t hinder our quality-assurance process.

We’re very excited to announce CROWD CONTROL EARLY ACCESS GAMES, a new type of Crowd Control Supported Game. To make this easier on you (and me lol), I will do a mini FAQ below for you to understand what Early Access Games are and how will they work.

What are Crowd Early Access Games?
Early Access games are developed by the same amazing reverse-engineers of the Crowd Control packs you know and love. However, the QA process for them has been shortened.

What does a shortened QA process mean?
This means instead of doing a thorough 4–6 weeks of QA to guarantee a 99% stable pack, we’ve only done 1–2 weeks of QA. Packs are still stable, but not all bugs may have been discovered and the games might break a little.

Ok, I’m ready to start playing. Where can I report a bug or break?
Great question! To make these packs as stable and amazing as all other Crowd Control packs, we’re gonna need as much feedback as possible.

For bug 🐛 reports, please use the “Report Bug” button on the Crowd Control App. It’s listed under your game selection in the area where you’ll find the Game Setup guide and more.

Having issues setting something up or things aren’t working mid stream? Use the #cc-help channel on Discord. Our response time is usually no longer than 5 minutes.

REMEMBER: “Report Bug” for effects failing or not working, Discord for help with setup/general questions. If an effect doesn’t work, report it, and disable it for now.

NOW — for the part you’ve all been waiting for… drumroll… — we are happy to announce the first 9 (yes, NINE) Crowd Control Early Access games.

1. Pokémon Emerald (GBA) — LIVE NOW

One of the most requested Crowd Control Games. Our Pokémon Emerald pack includes some great effects like Changing Weather in Battles, Summon Random Pokémon, Ice Floors and more. SETUP GUIDE HERE

2. Mario Party 3 (N64) — LIVE NOW

Our first supported Mario Party, picked by YOU. You can expect some effects like force dice rolls, add or remove turns to the game, shuffle items and more! SETUP GUIDE HERE

3. Getting Over It (PC) — LIVE NOW

A true nightmare tbh. Why would this be requested? I don’t know. But you ask and you shall receive. I hope you’re ready for chat to change gravity settings, invert your screen or mouse and more. SETUP GUIDE HERE

4. Earthbound + Earthbound Randomizer (SNES) — LIVE NOW

The epic RPG just got even more epic by letting chat be your biggest enemy. They will be able to summon enemies, damage your full party and more. Crowd Control also supports the Earthbound Randomizer for the hardcore fans! SETUP GUIDE HERE

5. Metroid Prime (GCN) — LIVE NOW

More GameCube games please! Some effects for Metroid Prime include the popular Kill Player and OHKO, as well as giving Samus bombs, disable her jumps and more!


Metroid Prime 2, River City Girls 2, Enter The Gungeon, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, and more… 👀

And that’s it! Hope you’re as hyped as us to use Crowd Control for all the new games. You can always keep an eye on our website for new games and don’t hesitate to reach out to us via Discord or Twitter if you need any help!

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Written by: Monica ‘Moni’ Mendez // Marketing Lead

Last Updated on: January 17, 2023



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