Crowd Control’s Long-Awaited 2.0 Update is Live! (Open Beta)

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4 min readMay 1, 2023


The wait is over. We’re thrilled to announce the beta release of Crowd Control 2.0, which is now in open beta and available for public testing. This new version is poised to take streaming to the next level by expanding its reach outside of Twitch to include all platforms where streamers like you create live content.

Happy Monday gamers! Today is a big day for the Crowd Control team, as we officially announce that the 2.0 version of Crowd Control is finally available for public testing. Crowd Control 2.0 embraces all the magic and chaotic nature of Crowd Control and amps it up to the hundredth with new features and a brand new look and feel. Crowd Control has never looked THIS good and we can’t wait to start receiving feedback from streamers and viewers all across the creator scene!

What is Crowd Control 2.0?

To recap, Crowd Control is an interactive gaming app used by over 75,000 streamers that allows their viewers to interact with the games they play on stream. And our 2.0 update introduces several, highly requested features we know all users, both old and new, will love. With Crowd Control 2.0:

  • Viewers everywhere can interact with your game no matter where you stream. Whether that’s Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, Discord or any other platform, your viewers will be able to join in the Crowd Control fun.
  • Viewers can get a better bang for their buck with Global Coins, a new type of Crowd Control coin that can be used to interact with any Crowd Control streamer. Global Coins can be purchased by viewers via credit card on Crowd Control’s new external system. Global Coins enable creators to monetize their content off-platform and provides revenue share flexibility for the highly anticipated Crowd Control Partner Program.
  • Setting up Crowd Control has never been this easy. Our new app not only looks fresh, but also does a better job at guiding our users into setting up Crowd Control quickly and successfully in just a few steps. Our extension also got a new UI to help maximize engagement from viewers.

For the last few weeks, our amazing Crowd Control Ambassadors and a close group of creators have had their hands on the Closed Beta version of our app and we feel confident that it’s on great shape to bring it to everyone who wants to use it. Before you run to download it, I wanted to answer some of the frequently asked questions we’ve encountered during the Closed Beta Period.

Where can I access the new Beta App?

Everyone can access and download the Crowd Control 2.0 Beta app by visiting

Please note that currently there’s only Twitch, Google (YouTube) and Discord logins available at this time, however know you can share your external extension link to viewers on any platform.

What is an Open Beta? Is this finalized software?

This Open Beta is for public testing of the 2.0 version of the Crowd Control app. It is not finalized software, so bugs and crashes may occur. Participants should report any issues through the Beta Feedback Form.

Which Crowd Control features will not be available during this test?

Our Twitch Extension, Bits, Subscriber Coins, Channel Rewards or Points, Charity Settings, Crowd Control Pro features, and Lobbies will NOT be available at the start of the Open Beta.

Don’t worry, they are not going away and we will be rolling them into the Open Beta in the upcoming weeks.

What are Global Coins? How can they be purchased?

Global Coins are a new type of Crowd Control coin. Global Coins are not attached to a specific channel and can be used with any Crowd Control streamer. They generate revenue when used, not when purchased.

Viewers can purchase Global Coins with Credit/Debit Card, Google/Apple Pay, or CashApp, but PayPal is not currently available.

All external payments are done through Stripe, the renowned payment processor, and Crowd Control doesn’t have access to credit card information whatsoever.

When will payouts occur? How can I see my revenue?

Payouts will occur after the Open Beta period ends (Net 30d). In-app payouts are not available yet due to the nature of testing. The Crowd Control team will email participants with next steps for payout fulfillment.

Participants can see how much revenue their sessions generated through the Analytics tab on the 2.0 Crowd Control app.

Will all Crowd Control-supported games be available during this test?

Not all Crowd Control-supported games will be available during this test, but the team is working to add support as quickly as possible. Participants can check the list of available games inside the app to see if their preferred games are included.

Where can I report 2.0 Beta bugs or submit feedback?

To report bugs, please join our Discord and submit your report through our #beta-report-bug channel. 🐛

To submit general feedback of your time testing Crowd Control 2.0, please fill out our Beta Feedback Form.

We really hope you’re as excited as we are for the future of Crowd Control and we can’t wait what memories you and your viewers make with Crowd Control EVERYWHERE.

Crowd Control is the app that lets your viewers interact with the games you play on stream. Crowd Control supports +100 games and has been installed by over 75,000 live creators.

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Written by: Monica ‘Moni’ Mendez // Marketing Lead

Last Updated on: May 1, 2023



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